Published: 2023-03-30

Retrospective: Winter of Pipelines

My theme for the year is ‘Focus’, and as part of that whole process for the first time I am trying out seasonal themes. This last Winter was ‘Winter of Pipelines’..

I have chosen a theme every year since 2016. (

This is a brief retrospective of the Winter of Pipelines season, things that worked, things that didn’t work, and a look forward into the start of Spring!


From practically all perspectives “Winter of Pipelines” was a very effective season. During the last 13 weeks I:

This list doesn’t include all the small bug fixes, ongoing projects, and active research that I also made progress on during the last few months. Some of that will start paying off early in Spring.

Focusing on Constraints

“Pipelines” was really a misnomer, while I set out to optimize a few processes what I really wanted to do was reduce bottlenecks, specifically:

These two tracks went hand in hand and, as you can see from the summary, a lot of the work that I wrote about during the last few weeks was directly aimed at minimizing review effort:

Secondly, many of the other development logs are related to ongoing-design discussions. Many of these documents already existed in one form or another, and the major change was deciding to prepare them for wider publication. By making these documents more accessible we’ve seen an uptick in new people being interested in Cwtch development - even aspects unrelated to the main content of the development log.

My most effective weeks started with drafting the development log, and then guiding work towards that goal.

Getting Sidetracked in the Understory

Despite all the success I do want to note that I didn’t get everything I wanted to do done. And I did do several things I didn’t intend to do.

I had originally planned to get at least two Cwtch releases out during the season, and I had planned to spend some time working on my in-draft book.

On the flip side:

I definitely did not plan on completely automating Cwtch library bindings, nor did I expect to get sidetracked working on some, currently unreleased, awesome features.

I also spent more time than expected on general organization maintenance like accounting - which in hindsight should have been predictable.

Looking Forward to the Spring of Intentionality

Spring has already started, and have already spent some time this week thinking about how I want to move forward.

The theme I settled on is “Intentionality”, acknowledging that while the Winter of Pipelines was successful, that it could certainly have been more effective with some additional, thoughtful, planning.

A few lessons/techniques/strategies I am planning on integrating:

Mainly, the energy I want to take into Spring is Deliberate Action. Reimagining the pipelines as a set of trails. Winter was about improving the efficiency of the paths, and this Spring is about actively walking them.

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